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RFC 2811: Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol


4.9 Ison message

      Command: ISON
   Parameters: <nickname> *( SPACE <nickname> )

   The ISON command was implemented to provide a quick and efficient
   means to get a response about whether a given nickname was currently
   on IRC. ISON only takes one (1) type of parameter: a space-separated
   list of nicks.  For each nickname in the list that is present, the
   server adds that to its reply string.  Thus the reply string may
   return empty (none of the given nicks are present), an exact copy of
   the parameter string (all of them present) or any other subset of the
   set of nicks given in the parameter.  The only limit on the number of
   nicks that may be checked is that the combined length MUST NOT be too
   large as to cause the server to chop it off so it fits in 512

   ISON is only processed by the server local to the client sending the
   command and thus not passed onto other servers for further

   Numeric Replies:

           RPL_ISON                      ERR_NEEDMOREPARAMS


   ISON phone trillian WiZ jarlek Avalon Angel Monstah syrk
                                   ; Sample ISON request for 7 nicks.


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