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RFC 2811: Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol


3.6.2 Whois query

      Command: WHOIS
   Parameters: [ <target> ] <mask> *( "," <mask> )

   This command is used to query information about particular user.
   The server will answer this command with several numeric messages
   indicating different statuses of each user which matches the mask (if
   you are entitled to see them).  If no wildcard is present in the
   <mask>, any information about that nick which you are allowed to see
   is presented.

   If the <target> parameter is specified, it sends the query to a
   specific server.  It is useful if you want to know how long the user
   in question has been idle as only local server (i.e., the server the
   user is directly connected to) knows that information, while
   everything else is globally known.

   Wildcards are allowed in the <target> parameter.

   Numeric Replies:

           RPL_WHOISUSER                 RPL_WHOISCHANNELS
           RPL_AWAY                      RPL_WHOISOPERATOR
           RPL_WHOISIDLE                 ERR_NOSUCHNICK

   WHOIS wiz                       ; return available user information
                                   about nick WiZ

   WHOIS trillian          ; ask server for user
                                   information  about trillian


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