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 Founder: Felan
 Description: Welcome to the rocky alcove of Felan's Den. A rock, moss, and dirt den that is sometimes shared with Susista The Black, and frequented by Felan, the pup Irayna she has adopted, and her close friend Elvira. Please feel free to rest your paws, and if you want to hear a story, just ask!
 Registered: Jun 02 01:25:10 2016 UTC (1 year, 39 days, 2 hours, 46 minutes ago)
 Last used: Jul 09 20:30:47 2017 UTC (1 day, 7 hours, 40 minutes ago)
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 Last topic: 12,1☼ 15Welcome to Felan's IC Channel4 Rated: 16+ 7☼11 OOC:15 #ra_ooc ☼ Felan Aka-Toshir's den in the old Dawnrunners Lands. Though the pack has been scattered and disbanded, she remains to await the return of others. She currently resides at the Old Oak Sanctuary. 7☼
Topic set by: Felan
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