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 Founder: Trish
 Description: Marvel FASERIP game
 Registered: Sep 05 05:00:12 2010 UTC (6 years, 237 days, 20 hours, 17 minutes ago)
 Last used: Apr 28 23:04:19 2017 UTC (2 hours, 12 minutes ago)
 Options: Topic retention, Topic lock
 Last topic: 7Marvel Universe Based FASERIP RPG 10Set in Los Angeles, California! 2 6Allowing any Marvel-Appropriate non-canon chars. 7@ 1,8 NO MORE SORCERERS OR COMMANDOS AFTER THIS  5#Axis_OOC for OOC
Topic set by: Trish
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Topic: [+nrt] Marvel Universe Based FASERIP RPG Set in Los Angeles, California! Allowing any Marvel-Appropriate non-canon chars. @ NO MORE SORCERERS OR COMMANDOS AFTER THIS  #Axis_OOC for OOC
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