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 Founder: ^Faye^
 Description: In character play channel for the Ardent Apex Pathfinder RPG game hosted on IRC.
 Registered: Dec 30 00:44:09 2016 GMT (321 days, 17 hours, 29 minutes ago)
 Last used: Nov 16 09:14:08 2017 GMT (8 hours, 59 minutes ago)
 Options: Topic retention
 Last topic: 14[07Aeston:14 [02Conditions: Light Rain14][03Temperature: 56.9F14][10Wind Speed: 9.2mph Direction: S14] 15||14 Three boards are attached to the main wall in the common room: A 12+goals14 board, A 12+jobs14 board, and a 12+news14 board. 15||04 [ OoC: #Apex_OOC ; Dice: #APX_Dice ]
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