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#Artbell3[+Anrt] Fri 2 19 2016 Join us in #DarkMatternet for chat. Listen live :…/midnight-in-the-deset Look for a house in the desert with a radio tower and thats Art Bell. ψ_︿ ͟ ͟* ͟˚ ͟. ͟· Ѧ͟▄ ͟͟ ͟͟ψ ͟͟ ͟ᵒ ︿_ *WE MISS YOU FEARLESS LEADER WE PRAY YOU ARE AT PEACE!
#Argentina15[+CGTfknrt 7:2 <key>] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» CHAT ARGENTINA »»-(¯`v´¯)--»
#chile5[+CGTfknrt 7:2 <key>] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» CHAT CHILE »»-(¯`v´¯)--»
#Colombia8[+CGTfknrt 7:2 <key>] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» CHAT COLOMBIA »»-(¯`v´¯)--»
#English3[+CGTfknrt 7:2 <key>] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» CHAT GRATIS »»-(¯`v´¯)--» - Try mChat on the Play Store. It's free! - English only
#India2[+CGTfknrt 7:2 <key>] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» CHAT INDIA »»-(¯`v´¯)--» - Try mChat on the Play Store. It's free!
#Peru6[+CGTfknrt 7:2 <key>] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» CHAT PERU »»-(¯`v´¯)--»
#sexo18[+CGTfknrt 7:2 <key>] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» CHAT SEXO »»-(¯`v´¯)--» - Sólo más de 18 años
#Uruguay3[+CGTfknrt 7:2 <key>] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» CHAT URUGUAY »»-(¯`v´¯)--»
#USA2[+CGTfknrt 7:2 <key>] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» CHAT USA »»-(¯`v´¯)--» - Try mChat on the Play Store. It's free!
#Venezuela3[+CGTfknrt 7:2 <key>] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» CHAT VENEZUELA »»-(¯`v´¯)--»
#Mexico18[+CGTfknrt 7:2 <key>] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» CHAT MEXICO »»-(¯`v´¯)--» httpsm://chatear.scial/
#ChatGratis132[+CGTfkrtz 5:2 <key>] »»-(¯`v´¯)--» CHAT GRATIS »»-(¯`v´¯)--»
#bs1240[+CJnrt 5] Welcome to Baystation12's IRC || Rules: || byond:// || || || ~ #codershuttle ~ #bs12wiki ~ #staffcoach ~ || ||
#square48[+CJSfjnrt 5 6:2 8:2] Welcome to #Square - The help and general-chat channel for SorceryNet || Have a question about the network? Please ask! Then wait around for a response (Please note this can take longer than a few minutes depending on the time of day)
#chocolatehammer12[+cknrt <key>] #ChocolateHammer: Congrats on getting over a million views, Linker!
#Amulets-and-Armor2[+Cnrt] Amulets & Armor (the old DOS FPRPG,) especially development, but also playing it, etc. Information: Fan site and more links:
#DDO9[+Cnrt] .:[ DDO Chat - Update 35 Patch 4 is LIVE! See ?? releasenotes | Check out the DDO Discord, ?? discord | April 2017 Chat Stats are up! ]:. -- DDOStore Sales: ?? sale
#/div/ination15[+fnrt *10:6] Welcome to /div/ination general! || Current thread: || Pastebin for OP for new threads:
#eschatoneye4[+Hmnrt 20:14400] Probably USWest, region support coming soon™ .:. Watching over you .:. Hate irc? .:. .:. Feel free to use this TeamSpeak3 Server:, password: StarBreak
#cafe18[+Hnrt 20:600] <Connor> at the end of the day I'm sexually attracted to my grandma | <Zed> Please refrain from buying miniature buttplugs for your pets <N> b> buttplug for cat <N> Epicurean: Please put that in the topic so I can find a seller. It's importat <Zed> N - Stick your dick in your pet - Same effect | <N> My dick is super slow | <Connor> I like watchjing kids hurt each other
#Apex13[+Hnrt 20:86400] [Aeston: [Conditions: Light Cloud][Temperature: 73.4F][Wind Speed: 8.3mph Direction: WSW] || Three boards are attached to the main wall in the common room: A +goals board, A +jobs board, and a +news board. || [ OoC: #Apex_OOC ; Dice: #APX_Dice ]
#exalted31[+jnrt 30:5] The unofficial IRC of the Exalted OPP Forums | Channel Rules: |
#dw-ooc20[+jnrt 3:5] OOC Room Website: Forum: News: Registration is open. | Current Mission List: Character applications are presently open. Happy birthday Shaun!!
#dimensional_war_rpg20[+jnrt 3:5] The universe stands between the warring triads of pure order, absolute destruction, and mechanical determination. After many years of war, it's time to take the world back.| Website: | 7.2: Unholy Alliance | Location: Strangereal - Starlight Cove
#dw-rpg20[+jnrt 3:5] Chaos ensues as the tides turn in the war against destruction, and Space Pirates freely roam the galaxy. Only a select few can stand up to the challenge ahead. Are you one of them? | Website: | HAPPY NEW YEAR
#bs12meeting5[+Jnrt 5] What Do We Think of the Server as a Whole (Community/Lore/Game/etc.)
#kingdom_hearts_rpg6[+mnrt] Welcome to Kingdom Hearts - Re:Genesis - RP Room - Chapter 1 Page 5: "The Great Festival Caper" {}{} Game Status: Open {}{} "Let us begin a new tale of heroes and the heart, of joyful times, and the Meaning of Life"
#lonely_inn_ooc35[+mnrt] 18+ ONLY - Out of Character channel for The Lonely Inn - see for details, and for the Message Board. << naiya, Vasava and Marot - gone but not forgotten >>OOC rules:
#TLI-forest1[+mnrt] 18+ ONLY An adult fantasy role playing environment. The forest around The Lonely Inn. Visit #Lonely_Inn_OOC or the website at for more details.
#TLI-Temple1[+mnrt] 18+ ONLY An adult fantasy role playing environment. The Temples of Ishtar, nuzzling the flank of the town of Nanthalion and the Temple to AdenVer - see for more information
#TLI-arena1[+mnrt] 18+ ONLY An adult fantasy role playing environment. The combat and sex-match arena close to The Lonely Inn. Visit #Lonely_Inn_OOC or the website at for more details.
#TLI-Magic1[+mnrt] 18+ ONLY An adult fantasy role playing environment. The Schools of Magic and towers of Magic - Unigo and Umbara - just to the North East of Nanthalion - see for details
#The_Lonely_Inn3[+mnrt] 18+ ONLY! A fantasy sex play channel. Welcome to The Lonely Inn, see and for info. OOC Room #Lonely_Inn_OOC. Unwarranted intrusion in rape/slave scenes will earn a temp ban.
#TLI-Quest1[+mnrt] 18+ Only! The channel within which quests associated with TLI are run - see for more details and for Quest-related info.
#TLI-Borderlands3[+mnrt] 18+ Only! The lands outside immediate environs of Nanthalion (including Valencia) - see for details -
#TLI-baths1[+mnrt] 18+ ONLY! A fantasy sex play channel. The Bath House close to the Lonely Inn, for good clean fun ;). Visit #Lonely_Inn_OOC or for more details.
#TLI-town6[+mnrt] 18+ ONLY. An adult based fantasy roleplay environment The town of Nanthalion close to The Lonely Inn. Visit #Lonely_Inn_OOC first. or Information Site is at
#kingdom_hearts6[+mnrt] Welcome to Kingdom Hearts - Re:Genesis. | Website: | "Let us begin a new tale of heroes and the heart, of joyful times, and the meaning of life." | Now Accepting Applications. | Channel: #kingdom_hearts_rpg |
#seals`lair3[+mnrt] Fri Jan,1 2016 #Seals`Lair is the #ArtBell and #darkMatterNet ooc room it is for ops only. we chat in #DarkMatternet, join us there...
#bs12assembly3[+mnrt] Baystation's IC Assembly channel. Senate Meetings on Saturday, Council Meetings on Sunday
#middleofnowhere1[+mnrt] DesR RP channel: Tavern and all else. Use for general socializing, fooding, and drinking, and also for when no other place fits. | OOC room: #desr_ooc
#tli-dev2[+mnrt] This channel is for all Dev members, to discuss current topics and to be available for questions by the general public. Please wipe your feet, submit all souls to the clerk at the desk and remember to be polite. :)
#IdleRPG33[+mnrt] Welcome to IdleRPG on SorceryNet, OOC in #IdleRPG-OOC - View the website & Instructions at -=- To register, simply: /msg IdleRPG REGISTER <char name> <password> <char class>
#Wack'd10[+Nnrt] RIP June Foray, co-founder of ASIFA-Hollywood and the Annie Awards, champion of the Best Animated Feature Oscar, and, of course, Jay Ward and Warner Bros. mainstay | Our very own AHR/atticus wrote a book! You can buy it here!
#isharia19[+nr] THE HEAP: | Karch is Opipik | | | #FreeIan #Slereahxit
#Last_Vampire1[+nrt] TRISHTRON IS JUST A BOT, ALDY allo! Coming soon, The List
#GGLounge2[+nrt] Gaming Guardians IC Channel; Lounge Prime. Lounge Power Dampener is off. Attempts at Teleportation of any kind in the Outpost end in Sublevel Redirects.
#kingdom-hearts-rpg1[+nrt] ``,`'`Channel for #kingdom_hearts. This is an IC channel. Go to #kingdom_hearts for help in writing a character or for chat. Website/Forums: `,`'`
#City_of_Sunshine9[+nrt] Marvel Universe Based FASERIP RPG Set in Los Angeles, California! Allowing any Marvel-Appropriate non-canon chars. @ NO MORE SORCERERS OR COMMANDOS AFTER THIS #Axis_OOC for OOC
#comewhatmay2[+nrt] - WIKI | <Brennan> one problem with building your perfect mate is that it's rather difficult to then not mate with her ;) | Marty, if you will say hi or page X when you're in the room, we will come in and say hi! We keep missing you! Page Gaya by saying Gayahithwen
#RavenWood1[+nrt] ææææææææææ RavenWood`ææææææææææ Den To NeverMore` Scribe of The OldOakTree Wolf Pack |||¤*˅*¤|||
#tala's_tavern2[+nrt] @-}}-MFFRP--{{-@The 9 hells has spilled fourth goodly races have risen to meet the challange fate of all will be decided
#netbit2[+nrt] Welcome to Netbit, an all goes roleplay. Please respect other players and listen to admins. Mature users only.Please use #netbit_ooc for out of character discussion.
#netbit_ooc2[+nrt] Welcome to the Netbit out of character channel, please respect other players and listen to admins. We reserve the right to remove users for any reason. Mature users only.
#Saria2[+nrt] "Give it to me!" she screamed. "Give it to me now! I'm so fucking wet!" Well, she could scream all she wanted. I wasn't giving her the umbrella.
#GamerWidow2[+nrt] Welcome to GamerWidow. Please look at the user-list on the right to see if someone is available. If they are, you can say what you want to and they will read. Just don't expect a quick reply - everyone has a real life. If there is no one, please come back later.
#Ds_ooc6[+nrt] Welcome to DSV's OOC channel... *Character Types open VAMPIRES, MAGES, WRAITHS, WITCHES, and GYPSIES. CURRENTLY RP IN #DARKSHADOWS^VAMPIRES #ds_dice .`~*^ OLD WoD 3ed Migrating to 20V. `~*^ Black dog game.14 years and running!
#LandFall2[+nrt] Welcome to the OOC channel for #skyward Please keep OOC in this room as much as possible. Kick back, relax, and try not to burn the place down. :D We have a website! (currently a WIP) No politics please. Thanks!
#DeeCees4[+nrt] This is a DC Comics/Payday/Hotline Miami/John Wick/Hardcore Henry/Point Break/BloodRayne/SCARFACE Crossover RP. You're welcome.
#wolfspirits4[+nrt] ,%%`,%%`,%%`῭ẀᴑʅƒṤƿʝŗʝƭƽ΅ `%%,`%%,`%%, The Legendary Pack Season: Summer The days grow warm and the grass and flora are still green and blooming with sweet fragrance. The herds are starting to thin out as they move between grazing. #ws_ooc
#ws_ooc4[+nrt] ,%%`,%%`,%%`῭ẀᴑʅƒṤƿʝŗʝƭƽ΅ OOC `%%,`%%,`%%, OOC Channel for #WolfSpirits Storyline to be played out soon! Congrats to Nishanti & Kokuro for making pledge! Pack Hunt: TBA Website is down
#wolvenheart1[+nrt] ,% %`,% %`,% %` ☾ °☆ Wolvenheart ☆ °☾ `% %,`% %,`% %, Member's only channel for #WolfSpirits [ We Are WolfSpirits. Now & Forever. LOA's: Rune (July-August) Hutch
#lazplot7[+nrt] LazPlot - A Planning/Banter/Armchair General Channel for the Lazarus Consortium - And remember, respect is everything! Also, check out #WanderingStar
#Solstice3[+nrt] []¯[]¯[]¯[]¯[]¯[]¯[] Welcome to Tala's Den. Insanity welcomed! <Tala> Why must love be so complicated?! []¯[]¯[]¯[]¯[]¯[]¯[]
#gmmeeting14[+nrt] Admin room for #dimensional_war_rpg - What happens in GM, stays in GM.
#DarkMatternet5[+nrt] Midnight in The Desert - Host: Heather Wade | Listen Live: | Website: | Dark Matter Archive: | RIP WetSeal [KN5WDM-SK] 3/5/1946 - 12/1/2016 , We Miss You!
#ds_ops4[+nrt] 'Welcome to the OPs/Reps room of darkshadows in general A reminder If the OPs request your presence in here, please be respectful and polite. Thank you WHAT IS SAID IN OPS STAYS IN OPS'
#dw-minecraft3[+nrt] DONATION LINK: Ask for paypal email - Server Address: Ask Using: FTB Direwolf (latest version) Rules: Griefing = Ban CURRENT VERSION: DIREWOLF 1.9 Server bills are due on the 24th of every month
#Wanderlust5[+nrt] Welcome to the Elder Scrolls RPG~ From Cyrodiil to Skyrim, Hammerfell to Black Marsh, Morrowind to Elsweyr, High Rock and Valenwood, and even the Summerset Isles, the open roads stretch before you. OR - For all your knowledge needs
#ds_shifters_dice6[+nrt] 'DS_rules.. There must be 2 OPs in the room for an official challenge. You will be pm'ed for your moves, Gifts, and dp. You will declare at the Inits Roll how much Rage and Split Actions you are using. The Ops have final says.There is a Extended Actions double the previous ops only
#Rave2[+nrt] .:|= Rockin in on dat 5-speed, yo! {+} Don't let your fear decide your fate {+} The cool kids lounge~ {+} #GarnetCaverns {+} #SilveryFire {+} #ValleyOfKings (18+) {+} #WalkingSpastics (18+) {+} #WolfsRain (18+) {+} #ZeroPa
#shifter_ops6[+nrt] Operater channel for #Darkshadows^shifters For Rules Discussions, IC and OOC related Issues.WHAT IS SAID IN OPS STAYS IN OPS! current op level story line notes rolls and ect. /notice !ON #ds_shifters_ooc
#witchesdomain2[+nrt] _{{Welcome to WitchesDomain}}_
#Apraxia1[+nrt] Current Location: Alstand. || OOC Chat: #Apraxia-OOC || Next Session: Friday 6PM PST / 9PM EST.
#Apraxia-OOC1[+nrt] Currently Recruiting Player\s. || 3.5e Game - Forgotten Realms (Faerun) - Heavy Roleplaying - Weekly Game. || Next Session: Friday 6PM PST / 9PM EST. || Pathfinder Game: #Apex_OOC
#kh-rpg1[+nrt] Welcome to Kingdom Hearts - Re:Genesis Auxilliary Plot Room. {}{} Game Status: Under Construction {}{} "Let us begin a new tale of heroes and the heart, of joyful times, and the Meaning of Life" {}{} Chapter 1: The Distant Lights in the Starry Sky - Page 1: Star Crossed Arri
#kingdomhearts-rpg3[+nrt] Welcome to Kingdom Hearts - Re:Genesis Plot Room. {}{} Game Status: Under Construction {}{} "Let us begin a new tale of heroes and the heart, of joyful times, and the Meaning of Life" {}{} Chapter 1: The Distant Lights in the Starry Sky - Page 2: Two Time Crimes
#Darkmoor_Dragonriders2[+nrt] This is the home and training grounds of Darkmoor's dragonriders and their companion dragons
#ravenmist5[+nrt], with elements taken from the dark dimension of Ravenloft. OOC Room: #RavenOoc Forums: Book One Chapter One - Ravenmist Awakens.
#Pathfinder8[+nrt] PathfinderRPG - || Games: A new big Pathfinder Community game is starting. Check out #Apex_OOC for more information.
#chanstat3[+nrt] Welcome to #ChanStat! The official channel for the bot ChanStat. For bot information visit Our forums are | If noone is around try
##3[+nrt] The Underside of the Interweb. No rules, just guidelines. | show some goddamn respect. | Act like a child, recieve one free kickban!
#AltheaOOC2[+nrt] This is the OOC channel for #Althea, a sci-fi horror roleplay set in the Starbound universe. So please keep out-of-character speech here. RULES: For character creation, no gods, goddesses, deities, Mary Sues, or incorrigible woobies. And no metagaming. Follow those rules! #DeeCees is awesome!
#althea2[+nrt] Welcome to Brissly. | Chapter One: "Cycle" | There is only one mansion...enjoy your stay...| OOC: #AltheaOOC
#darkshadows^shifters17[+nrt] Welcome to the River Caern the home of the Sept of the Twilight Dawn. You walk into a lush underground garden that is alive with trees and plants and grass curtains of ivy hang from the walls obscuring the fact you 100ft below Entry points the Apts, center, and school sign on board. #ds_shifters_ooc
#wolfwhisper2[+nrt] »¤« Welcome! »¤« Rules? Be hippies and promote world peace. »¤« Somewhere over the rainbow »¤« Channel Rating: PG13/R Zio, this means you! »¤« Watch that first step, it's a doozy. »¤« <Thoryn> It's part of our lo
#thequeensrealm3[+nrt] Välkommen! Medieval/Fantasy FFRP in a Post-Arthurian setting. 1109 AD. No foul language, Mind manners! OOC= #QR-OOC Please see website: (Daedalus)
#Nintendo-RPG2[+nrt] Now attempting to run -something- every Friday, even if it's stupid. Enough people = Bomb dodongos.! Wii U play with me? All Nintendo games welcome, custom or canon! Caves full of explosive plants, rocks, rocks that taste like rocks, and a sad Dodongo. What's next?
#TemporalManor13[+nrt] 18+ Generally Freeform Role-Playing Channel. All information relating to the Channel and Setting can be accessed via the forum linked above. You do NOT need to be registered to view the setting and rules, or to RP here.'
#vampires1[+nrt] 'We are not real vampires accept for that shady guy over in the corner of the room ^,^ always remebering ES ^,^'
#distantRealms_OOC6[+nrt] +18 - D20 OOC room for Distant Realms IC channels - 14 Quests and 1 Side quest available, check Forums - Remember to be under the proper nickname when in Roleplay channels'
#atomcity_ooc3[+nrt] OOC Channel for #AtomCity for comments and questions. Forums:
#aldenprivateroom2[+nrt] The private room for #Alden The rules in here are more relaxed, so don't complain about what happens, please. If you aren't comfortable, you don't need to come in here. THIS IS AN ADULT-ORIENTED ROOM!
#wod_orphans3[+nrt] ~WoD meeting place for wary WoD players who are looking for others in these lonely channeled halls.~ Welcome~ Try !Commands for bot interaction! Have fun guys ;-)
#darkshadows^Vampires6[+nrt] In the dark recesses of the mind where the shadows hide in Cleveland Ohio is a new nightclub Darkshadows now housed in the newly restored Franklin Castle. First floor is open the public but who watches from above you cannot be sure.
#Darktower1[+nrt] ,ø¤°`°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`°¤ø,¸ Things are changing, yet nothing changes. Still there are changes. ,ø¤°`°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`°¤ø,
#azure_rpg1[+nrt] -`ღ´- Love and adventure await you at the top of Tao Tower. Venture to Monsbaia in search of fame, fortune or fun. IC: [18+] OOC Rating: #Azure_OOC [PG-13] Forum: -`ღ´-
#azure_ooc1[+nrt] -`ღ´- Love and adventure await you at the top of Tao Tower. Venture to Monsbaia in search of fame, fortune or fun. OOC Rating: [PG-13] IC: #Azure_RPG [OOC Room: PG-13, RPG IS 18+] Forum: -`ღ´-
#ARArchive5[+nrt] AR Chat/RP | Maniac owns this channel. Address any concerns to him. | 18+ channel. Rules: Always ask permission to PM someone. Do not disturb others with constant requests for RPs. Any behavior that is seen as disturbing the peace is subject for ban.
#Battalia2[+nrt] %`%%¸%`%% Battalia `%%¸%`%%¸% ««»» Hunting grounds for #WolfSpirits ««»» "A hungry wolf at all the herd will run, In hopes, through many, to make sure of one." ««»»
#eve`ops2[+nrt] [[ Claneve Ops Channel ]]
#rpg-anime6[+nrt] NO Fservers,Trading Or Lists. Game over. Stay to talk and hang out. For those who knew her, Raven from Espernet has passed away. Rest in Peace. We'll all miss you.
#OC_WorldsEnd1[+nrt] Set in St. Louis Mo. a non Wod game speak to an op for details on making a sheet.
#Superheroines_in_Peril2[+nrt] Superheroines_in_Peril has now MOVED to If you have a question, message an op and we'll try to get back to you in due time. Information on the move can be found here - , Guides on how to move / co-network - Please do not idle in this channel otherwise.
#comic-ooc9[+nrt] The Forum, full of sex, drugs, killer rocks and rickrolls: - See Gradius for Character Submissions!
#Arena2[+nrt] Welcome to the Interdimensional Arena of Infinite Combat! IdAoIC for short. This is a D&D minigame. | Introduction and rules: - A work in progress.
#Clan`eve3[+nrt] [[[ Clan Eve ]-]'[[[Welcome to #Clan`Eve our 18+ FFRP, Please bring all Questions into our OOC Room #Casual`Eve ]]]
#Todakai1[+nrt] Forum: [ ]|Please check the forums atleast once a week| #CampusCrashers | #Prison-Island
#oot_hunt3[+nrt] ~These are the hunting meadows for the Old Oak Tree Residents. Don't forget the !help hunt if you need it!~
#Room_O_Doom1[+nrt] Xarat's private testing channel - 18+ content likely - enter at your own risk
#Gutter7[+nrt] | | | |
#ZombieSurvivalFight5[+nrt]|| OOC room for #ZSFCalifornia #ZSFSeattle|| ZSF Coldnorth when the GM's are out of school, contact TW for details || A topic update?! Event coming soon! Tell your friends, tell your waifu!
#smt_ooc1[+nrt] `%%,`%%,`%%,`%%'`%%` ShadowMist OOC ]»«[ FMMORPG ]»«[ ]»«[ Warning! Channel is being rebooted! ]»«[ Events: Please seek Xenodragon for all channel inquiries!  ´%%´'%%
#witches7[+nrt] ★ ° . .    . ☾ °☆  . * ● ¸ .★ ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * .   °  . ● . ° ☾ °☆  ¸. ● .  Blessed Be! You Are Amongst Witches!!!!° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★  :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .  ¸ .   °  ¸. * ● ¸ .    
#coast_2_coast_am1[+nrt] ****CLOSED****
#dominion1[+nrt] `@}.-`-' Good Ole Dominion Chat.....
#oldoaktree6[+nrt] `¥¥,`¥¥,`¥¥ The Old Oak Tree ¥¥,`¥¥,`¥¥, ~Welcome to the Old Oak Tree, a place for the proficient tree climbing wolves to roam. RP Channel for Old Oak Tree Residents and Welcome Guests. OOC channel is #oot_ooc /~
#OOT_OOC7[+nrt] `¥¥,`¥¥,`¥¥~ Welcome to OldOakTree's OOC ~ ¥¥,`¥¥,`¥¥, Branch out for conversation 18+content likely ~
#DBZRPG-A_New_Age1[+nrt] Welcome to the New Dragon Ball RPG: A New Age OOC channel! IC channel is #DBZ-A_New_Age_IC ^_^ To Join Please go to to register and submit a character sheet. Members will be given a nifty v. if you're new and looking to join please PM any of your friendly Ops or hit up the Message Board for information. We are accepting members.Logs Updated
#OC_OOC10[+nrt] 18+ to Play. 20th WoD RPG, VtM, WtA, OOC Channel for #Ossory_Caislean (Vamp) & #Ossory_Cumaisc (shifter) Our site is Submit sheets to Storyline: To be announced...
#Ossory_Cumaisc8[+nrt] 18+ to Play. Modern Day RPG, Caern for Sept of Emerald Dreams in Cong, Ireland oWoD, WtA, Sheeted, Dice <CST in play.Go to #oc_ooc for all out of character conversation>
#Ossory_Caislean6[+nrt] 18+ to Play. Modern day RPG, Ossory Caislean is the Vampire safe haven for all immortals in the Ireland area. (Please join #OC_OOC for out of character talk.) oWoD, VtM, dice, SHEETS REQUIRED.
#Shadybarterer2[+nrt] A not-heretical channel for not-heretical people in the 41st millenium IC irc:// *Total XP: 16300*
#Cacibynight3[+nrt] - Public locations that don't have their own dedicated channel. No loitering, please. (part of #Florida_wod )
#Hawthornemanor3[+nrt] - The Estate of Pasqua Hawthorne (part of #Florida_wod )
#aurora4[+nrt] "3d6 + Murder"
#achannel2[+nrt] "god, I'm like less than a hundred points from winning, and we're still under an hour!" "maybe we'll get there!" ~ Uno: The Movie, minute 40 of 2:44
#FreeGringle2[+nrt] "I promise I'll behave" - Gringle "I'm off to the gulag for laughing at that pic" - Gulangle
#linux14[+nrt] "System Administrator" is a polite way of saying "IT Janitor". Their job is to clean up messes.
#boxBotTestingGrounds3[+nrt] #boxbottestinggrounds
#jenhome1[+nrt] #jenhome Private Room, for Rp/ooc. Micah/Jen/Phoe is around! If you need help ask anyone for help and please remember: MEETING is TBA 2016, if needed! Our PADs Information
#machall6[+nrt] #machall | Fish slapping and voice deathmatches
#Nexusstuff2[+nrt] #SaudiWithKurdistan
#sf2nes2[+nrt] #SF2NES: SF2NES is dead. Long live SF2NES. | Go home and be a family man edition
#threads2[+nrt] #threads Piobot demands milk and cookies every hour D:<
#wargames2[+nrt] #WarGames - The casual hang-out.
#hypnoticdreams1[+nrt] '18+ only! Feminization Hypnosis with an emphasis on the sensual and even therapeutic as opposed to the blatantly sexual. This is not a BDSM channel and those seeking that sort of play will be happier elsewhere. 18+ only!'
#ds_shifters_ooc18[+nrt] '18+ Rp. Drama free. Any Issues see an Op. Drama in ooc. Vacation, pm or join ops channel. Period' #darkshadows^shifters Now in our 17th year!
#vampires^mist4[+nrt] 'Welcome to the Shifting Sands Casino where nothing is as it seems. A dark casino set way out away from the glittering lights of Las Vegas. It offers the games of chance and luck tho what you win you may not have come here seeking. Pray that Ladyluck is on your side. Please Check in #VM_OOC before entering the main channel.
#babbelbox5[+nrt] .
#Obs1[+nrt] ...
#silvermine3[+nrt] .:| Everything that Glitters Is Not Gold. Some of it is Silver! |:. .:| It is now safe to turn off your fox. |:.
#Shokushu-campus3[+nrt] 18+ ONLY! Welcome to Shokushu-Campus! A place where ravaging tentacles explore the female student body. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Please contact one of your local Ops with what you'd like to see done here - it is under new management. Orville waits patiently in the Greenhouse Actual OOC: #shokushu-ooc This Weekend: open discussion in OOC about new channel backstory| All welcome!
#shadowrunhappens1[+nrt] 500 BP, 16 Max availability half cost for skills and free contacts equal to charisma x2 Discord server:
#acdualclient2[+nrt] 7.2.2 is the latest version! get it from :: Please read my front page for any news. No Idling please
#Axalon*Station2[+nrt] <>R-rated Scifi FFRP<> Passed Alien Military Forces Control Act causes problems in the system || || Please Keep OOC to PM || (10 Years of RP) ||| Ax rules updated on forum for all to see. Read them before play.
#lummies6[+nrt] <Delusion> When's the End of the World now? <Ely> i think its 2012 <Ely> haha that gay mayan shit <Delusion> The Nostradomites and the Mayanites are ALL READY FOR ACTION. <Ely> see how knowing that saved the mayans?
#Tamriel4[+nrt] <Elder Scrolls FFRP> Welcome to #Tamriel! | Please go to an op or half-op with a character concept before you begin playing. | 4E227, the Empire is in turmoil. | OOC: #ChorrusOOC |
#CanterlotHighschool1[+nrt] <EQG FFRP> Welcome to Canterlot High! | Please contact an op with a brief description of your character and his or her abilities before playing. Thanks.| | Alts: #Ponyville #EquestriaNo63 Bar: #ChorrusBar OOC: #PonyvilleOOC
#Vampire'sTouch2[+nrt] <Faru_Vodamee> Hello? <Faru_Vodamee> Is anyone alive in here? <^^D`jet^^> at 620 eastern standard time.. no... no one was alive in here
#heresy1[+nrt] <Fats> i can't understand why people don't want to just shove foreign objects of unknown size into their orifices
#ironrock5[+nrt] <Ferboten> man my knees are all bruised up from sucking dick | <tikidad> mothfuck you | <JT_> oh mans I got to see inside my asshole | <Endroys> I bet she was biting her tongue trying not to scream out 'YES HARDER!" | <Tencegard> endroys got me in the mood <Tencegard> butt is rubbed and wrapped
#bd_reflections2[+nrt] <Gayahithwen> The end is near, repent and thou shalt be.. well, here's a life jacket and a rubber boat, good luck. (It's hard working on a pantheon with a limited budget.) | <Gyoshoku> <hmm, honesty is a powerful tool...I shouldn't use it often>
#ChorrusBar6[+nrt] <Interdimensional FFRPG> Welcome to #ChorrusBar! | | New rulebook! | School: #CSHS Insanity: #Ponyville OOC: #ChorrusOOC | Feel free to ask any of the ops here for help. | Lai Fan is always there, always cooking, always watching...
#gitpnexus5[+nrt] <Ionbound> I am not being distracted by the butt <Ionbound> In fact the butt is my signal to attack
#ChorrusOOC9[+nrt] <OOC room for #ChorrusBar and #Ponyville> | Discord: Ask an op for invite | "The worst mishap caused by Princess Cadence's magic was when she made Neil Patrick Harris fall in love with cock." RULES:
#Ponyville4[+nrt] <Pony FFRP> Welcome to Equestria! | Please contact an op with a brief description of your character and his or her abilities before playing. Thanks.| | Alt: #EquestriaNo63 Bar: #ChorrusBar OOC: #PonyvilleOOC | Spoilers: Pinkie Pie's a twin, universe shudders.
#EquestriaNo631[+nrt] <Pony FFRP> Welcome to Equestria! | Please contact an op with a brief description of your character and his or her abilities before playing. Thanks.| | Alt: #Ponyville Bar: #ChorrusBar OOC: #PonyvilleOOC
#PonyvilleOOC2[+nrt] <Pony FFRP> Welcome to PonyOOC! | Please contact an op with a brief description of your character and his or her abilities before playing. Thanks.| | OOC Room for #Ponyville #EquestriaNo63 #CanterlotHighschool #DefendersOfEquestria | Random News of the Day: "Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses" -Nasa
#PetalwingGrove1[+nrt] <Pony FFRP> The remains of a once proud city lie within the dark growths of Everfree Forest. It is rumored that there lives a breed of pony that have been shielded for over a thousand years. | Main: #Ponyville OOC: #ChorrusOOC |
#Crossroads*Station2[+nrt] >>>Sci-fi FFRP<<< The year is 2461. A massive trade station in neutral space.
#darkmoor_manor3[+nrt] ? (MFFRP) pg-13 (( Welcome to the the last Manor before the Pass in SpineRidge Mountains...a home, not a tavern ...please knock )) ((our mailing list: )
#eroticbpm2[+nrt] [#EroticBPM] - [] [Now serving sous-vide ice cream.]
#7th-heaven1[+nrt] [11:38] <Ace>
#bdsm5[+nrt] [mature/18+ audiences only] BDSM (bondage/discipline dominance/submission sadism/masochism) general discussion; Judge not lest ye be judged. Don't message people without asking in channel first.
#new_eden1[+nrt] [The zombie apocalypse has ended. Welcome to the post apocalyptic world, survivors!]
#Dss_AngFin'sHome1[+nrt] A 4 bedroom cabin of Fin and Angels. A large bedroom bathroom on top flore the other three and kitchen on first floor. Basement also
#dae'slake2[+nrt] A channel I use for setting things up and testing other things.
#Darkmoor_Arena1[+nrt] A covered arena for sparring and testing skills
#Nexus7[+nrt] A Game of Romes
#Devilish_n_Delightful1[+nrt] a little devilish, a little delightful. chatting, flirting, raising hell & eating cheesecake
#Zullysplayground2[+nrt] A place for friends to just chill out and have fun
#holy_bibble2[+nrt] a place for those who love/miss Holy Bibble - flowers provided by Srakha - resident music theoreticians Tim & CJ
#Silverspring2[+nrt] A rather large city, with many shops, restaurants, boutiques, and so on! Though the one building that stands out is a two story structure, with a neon sign. Redglade is the text, glowing a bright red.
#Dark_tavern2[+nrt] AD&D 1st edition game.
#kinkforge5[+nrt] Adult ERP | Channel FAQ! -- | Discord -- | [ Image of the day! -- ]
#Haynesworth_Household4[+nrt] After making one's way down the hallway, one would find themself at the apartment door of Fist, Tory, Sunny, Lydia, young Rand, Jeremiah, and Lilly.
#OC_AFMBE2[+nrt] All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Mmm. Delicious.
#theisle2[+nrt] All friends are welcome, rules are simple: No drama, what happens and talked about in channel stays there. All are equal until proven trouble, 3 complaints and will be banned. Also, don't harass people in here for rp, ask, if they say no, drop it.
#horizon1[+nrt] All theories must be tested and either proven as fact or dismissed as fantasy. | Taboo Subjects: You'll know 'cause I'll hit you. | Tits or GTFO
#dev3[+nrt] All WoW... All the time! - The Other Other Channel...
#Sasou_Valley1[+nrt] An adult freeform role-playing game with both fantasy and sci-fi elements. Players MUST be over 18. Please check out the information on the site. UPDATE: WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS AT THIS TIME!
#comic-rpg9[+nrt] An Rpg based on comics and comic book movies. Canon characters from earth-based comic book series are permitted but for 1st year only. Rpg is still in the works. Now with new and improved PIZZA POWER keep it mean, keep it clean, keep it GREEN, dudes! OOC room #comic-ooc
#vtes4[+nrt] Anthology Set is on . Gramle coming soon.
#Apex_OOC12[+nrt] Apex RPG Community channel. || Creation: || Setting: || If you need them be sure to check out our +books or the +pointbuy calculator. || Character Sheets: || Dedicated Weekly Schedule and Calendar Coming.
#sketchers2[+nrt] Artists welcome! Everyone welcome o.O! (asshats banned :D)| Arr! | OMG art:
#acdevs4[+nrt] Bask in my command line parser input in cvs!
#bs12e31[+nrt] Baystation's E3 discussion channel. #bs12 MUST REMAIN PURE | || Current Stream: Ubisoft ( ) || Next Conf: Sony @ 2:00 AM BST | 6:00 PM PDT
#Kain's_Realm1[+nrt] bewbs!
#anarchs1[+nrt] Blah Blah
#shellife2[+nrt] Blaze it for info
#phoenix_nest2[+nrt] Bleh.. Needed a new topic.. So here we go.. Dreamers, shapers, thinkers, doers.. with out one.. there are none.
#IdleRPG-OOC15[+nrt] Bot Source: || Site Source: || Feel free to submit bugfixes/features!
#bot32-test3[+nrt] Bot32 test channel. &help for help. ##SPAWN if the bot dies - &ping to test it.
#bs12ck24[+nrt] BS12 CK2 discussion. Current sessions: Sundays 1800 UTC. Thread:
#bs12minecraft9[+nrt] BS12 Minecraft discussion | FTB Infinity Evolved (2.6.0): | Rules: Wheaton's Law. | Grey names ingame are Minecraft or IRC ops
#bs12planetside2[+nrt] BS12 Planetside 2 discussion. Play time poll:
#bs12rifts2[+nrt] BS12 Rifts discussion/game. Current game: Please vote for game day: Also we need to discuss times at some point, if we want to play on Fridays, game needs to be finished for 8pm EST.
#bs12wiki11[+nrt] BS12's official wiki channel. For discussion of wiki, and lore/fluff or to ask questions in general. Wiki - , Forum-
#blee2[+nrt] but soft(ware)! what light from yonder window(s) breaks? it is the east and juliet is the sun(OS)!
#tanclaw3[+nrt] Bwee! ~Test chamber #1. Caution: Random things may occur. Along with other sillyness. ~Sevakor < :3>
#wrimosea4[+nrt] Camp NaNo time!
#DS_Changeling_ooc3[+nrt] Changeling set in Cleveland Ohio, a new beginning for the fae. Using C20 for rules at this very moment, sheet and dice game for Changeling the Dreaming. #Darkshadows_Changeling is the IC room.
#eternalfantasy5[+nrt] Channel for the FF MUD The Eternal Fantasy! Connection Info: port 3333 Website: | Chrontendo episode progress: 4
#afd3[+nrt] Come back, all is forgiven
#CoS9[+nrt] Corner of Silence -=- A social hub for all. Common topics include technology, vidyagames, furry, freeform RP games, imgur links, and current events.
#corp4[+nrt] 199x - 2010: Here lies corpnews, killed by scripting errors and a lack of interest | Who run #corp? | MasterBlaster run #corptown.
#FFXV2[+nrt] Craig Is a scrub and hasn't beaten the game. No spoils
#erdaius_ooc1[+nrt] Create an account at to sign up! Welcome to Erdaius an Ancient cityship in the Triangulum Galaxy #erdaius_ooc is the ooc channel for #erdaius_ic
#Dunnotar_Castle2[+nrt] Dark Ages World of Darkness. Set in Scotland. Vampires and weres welcome. Sheeted and diced.
#Darkmoor_OOC3[+nrt] Darkmoor Manor's ooc channel -pg 13
#Darkmoor_SilverLeaf_Academy1[+nrt] Darkmoor's training facility at Silverleaf for Rangers and Scouts
#dreb3[+nrt] Default IC room | Please join #dreb-ooc | Upcoming plot: Magical Mystery Town
#desr_ooc3[+nrt] Des Rallies | Main forum: | Main IC- #middleofnowhere
#junk6[+nrt] Despised by angels. Resented by demons.I apologise for this rude awakening to how alone and friendless man truly is in a pitiless universe. From its very formation, the universe has been unfair. It tends towards everything in its place, hates an overachiever. And what defines mankind, if not the need to commit great works? And to be made to suffer for them.
#desr3[+nrt] DesR OP room. For staff only, all others please do not remain without invitation.
#OC_Dice6[+nrt] Dice rolling channel for #Ossory_Cumaisc and #Ossory_Caislean, please do not lurk here type !dice # # (action) !sdice # # (action) or !xdice # # (action) second # is usually a 6 but ask your STer
#APX_Dice11[+nrt] Dice Syntax: !roll DieString <Optional Description>. (Eg: !roll 3d6+d4 Big Sword Damage.)
#jazzmess3[+nrt] Do or do not... there is no try.
#wakfu2[+nrt] Don't leave immediately after entering. If the chat is empty, wait awhile.
#dreb-ooc3[+nrt] DREB OOC room | All players must be joined here | Christmas holidays, lots of snow | Temple area secured with dwarven masonry and gnomish security gadgetry
#D&D8[+nrt] Dungeons and Dragon Hub channel. D&D Chat welcome, as are players looking for games, and DMs looking for players. || Character Sheets: || Games: A new big Pathfinder Community game is starting. Check out #Apex_OOC for more information.
#ravenooc7[+nrt] Elements taken from the dark dimension of Ravenloft. Main Room: #RavenMist Forums: DRAMA FREE KEEP IT AT THE DOOR
#Ravynhold1[+nrt] Fantasy Industrial Era FFRP - The looming tower is being rebuilt anew. A Laspas 2nd edition channel. #laspasooc for ooc
#shadowrift_citadel1[+nrt] FFRP - High Fantasy - A floating citadel drifting from place to place, accessible via flight or portal. OOC to #laspasOOC, Website under development.
#sanctigraal7[+nrt] Fordel-Bacon: ARK is about dinosaurs and poop
#forkydnd1[+nrt] ForkyDND: ded rip see you next time
#AdvancedHigherComputing1[+nrt] FULLY AUTOMATIC QUEER SPACE PIRACY
#infinite-worlds1[+nrt] Future games will be held on Discord as a more friendly interface:
#GGOps2[+nrt] Gaming Guardians Ops Channel| Possible Op rules to think about: Be plain & clear with reminders & warnings, & maybe try to be polite. Moral highground good. 3rd party suggestion: Bold &/or color in red Op warnings to get attention/differ from normal text so not lost in scrolling.
#casual`eve3[+nrt] Get Well Soon Slyva.. [[[ Ooc Room for #Clan`eve, Harassment of any nature will not be tolerated.]]]
#dayofindependence7[+nrt] Go to #DayofIndependence2 for OOC chatter
#galacticshipping4[+nrt] Go to #GalacticShipping2 for OOC chatter
#rafters7[+nrt] Goodbye, _dave. Help his family:
#Grid123[+nrt] Grid12 servers are dead as of January 2017 | Forums:
#dicksoutforGringle3[+nrt] Gringle dindunuffin 11/11/16
#grovewood1[+nrt] Grovewood - D&D5e Können Heroes of Azod - Current DM: Tolman - 8:30 EST Sundays. - Logs available here:
#wisero4[+nrt] Happy New Year 2017! (◕‿◕)
#DSS_Medbay2[+nrt] Head of Staff: Dr Isis; OBGYN, General human & animal medicine. Dr. Kincaid: Supernatural pregnancies & General medicine. Dr. Mikk: General human medicine. DR. Ekko as midwife and surgeon. Dr. Gordon: Veterinarian & Zoologist.Dr. Gerald LeCroix head Veterinarian, Scientist and surgeon, Dr. Aurora: Research Biologist. Dr. Faye: Therapist. Nurse Katie Rose: Secretary & Nurse.
#New_Makai2[+nrt] Hell is back in business. Come, stay.. but, ultimately? Have -fun-. And know that, if you are here, Morri loves you vastly.
#Liams_Lounge1[+nrt] Lily is the only other boss of this place. Listen to her or face Liam's wrath. She is allowed to run the Troll Guard/Bouncer to remove guest who begin trouble. You will be asked to exit for thirty minutes.'
#whatmaycome2[+nrt] - AND STUFF || If you die in Canada, you die in REAL LIFE! || There are two kinds of people in the world: those who finish what they start, and
#HowlAtTheMoon3[+nrt] - A laid back piano/jazz club, far enough from the bustle of downtown. (part of #Florida_wod )
#TheLastRound3[+nrt] - A rough and rowdy bikers club south-eastish of the city. (part of #Florida_wod )
#TheComplex3[+nrt] - An abandoned, delapidated, and dangerous industrial complex. Or is it? ( #Florida_WoD )
#MembersOnly3[+nrt] - Behind the locked 'Members Only' door at the Ace of Spades. ( #Florida_wod )
#AceofSpades3[+nrt] - One of the main clubs, playing mainstream club music. (part of #Florida_wod)
#Florida_wOd3[+nrt] - oWoD OOC channel. VTM, MTA, mortals, governments, shifters...
#Pentex3[+nrt] - Pentex's newest headquarters, with floors dedicated to some of their best performing Subsidiaries. Always hiring, with benefits like no other! ( #Florida_wod )
#EssexManor3[+nrt] - The eerie, and lifeless, Essex Manor. Not quite reachable by road. Do you really want to challenge the rumors? ( #Florida_wod )
#EmperorCondos3[+nrt] - The Emperor Condominiums. Lavish, accomadating, elite. ( part of #florida_wod )
#HawthorneHotel3[+nrt] - The opulent Hawthorne Hotel.Caters to everyone with world-class service. (part of #florida_wod )
#DSS_Ainesplace2[+nrt] the place is clean tidy and always smells of vanilla.
#leaderless_cult3[+nrt] http://★ok★
#LeafNinja-OOC5[+nrt] - The Ninja Handbook
#rabite2[+nrt] YAY
#Omnia1[+nrt] I miss running Omnia.
#spacefem2[+nrt] I wonder if girlwonder likes key lime pie?..
#Pemberley3[+nrt] I'm in ur macaronis. warming my feets. | Gonig! Stimga! Smoches! Misertable! Evne! Yans! Threre! Hte! Gievs! Goot! Okat! Excitelyment! Unveal! //
#nsfwmabari1[+nrt] IC - The Merry Mabari Tavern | Group : | OOC Chatroom : #MerryMabari |
#erdaius_ic1[+nrt] IC Channel for Stargate: Erdaius a Ninth Fleet RP. ooc channel is #erdaius_ooc
#DR-Station1[+nrt] IC room for #DistantRealms_OOC - Freeport Alpha - 18+ Mature RP D20 System'
#DR-541[+nrt] IC room for #DistantRealms_OOC - Five-Fore Tavern onboard the I.R.V. Gladiator - 18+ Mature RP D20 System
#DR-Holodecks1[+nrt] IC room for #DistantRealms_OOC - Holodecks 1,2 and 3 aboard the I.R.V Gladiator - 18+ Mature RP D20 System
#DR-Quest1[+nrt] IC room for #DistantRealms_OOC - Quest Channel Mini Ship locations: 40T: Unknown Explorer: Kyourin - 18+ Mature RP D20 System
#DR-Zocalo1[+nrt] IC room for #DistantRealms_OOC - The everbusy Zocalo aboard Freeport Alpha - 18+ Mature RP D20 System
#DR-Garden1[+nrt] IC room for #DistantRealms_OOC - The Great Garden aboard Freeport Alpha - 18+ Mature RP D20 System
#DR-Kyourin1[+nrt] IC room for #DistantRealms_OOC - Welcome to Kyouringakure, The village Hidden in the Grove - 18+ Mature RP D20 System
#DR-D71[+nrt] IC room for #DistantRealms_OOC - Captured D7 Battlecruiser - 18+ Mature RP D20 System' Orbit Location: Freeport Alpha, Assignment: Assisting Freeport Alpha's CnC retrofit
#DR-Overworld1[+nrt] IC room for #DistantRealms_OOC - The Overworld - 18+ Mature RP D20 System
#DR-Tavern1[+nrt] IC room for #DistantRealms_OOC - Welcome to the Tavern, Mind the Scary magic portal outside.... - 18+ Mature RP D20 System "Second floor now open!"
#Madhouse2[+nrt] If anyone wants an invite to the Madhouse Discord channel message me
#coast_to_coast3[+nrt] if you're interested in old ctc artbell shows make sure and check out - there are other art bell streams on and shoutcast
#DBZ-A_New_Age_IC1[+nrt] In Character Channel for DBZ RPG A New Age. OOC channel is #DBZRPG-A_New_Age Todays weather is Clear skys with low humidity. Temperature is a 85 degrees F and the moon is currently Waxing Gibbous. [Full Moon: 12th Jan]
#heroines_vs_villainesses5[+nrt] In the Dimension of Sappha, the city of Virtue, Heroines battle with Villainesses to keep from being turned into Lesbian sluts. [Adult channel, have to be over 18 years of age. No god-moding or god-like characters]
#aesir-offtopic1[+nrt] In times of need, we need to stand together and stand stong. We will stand by our channel and its users. We will never give up and never surrender.
#ExaltedFGC7[+nrt] Is it ok to have a pregnant female character in a fighting game?
#ijl1[+nrt] IT ENDED :(
#thebox1[+nrt] It's back bby | Syncs to Discord. Invite link:
#alteri4[+nrt] Join our Discord!
#scooters2[+nrt] Leeg
#island1[+nrt] Lets all be chill and relax
#Wack'dSpoilers1[+nrt] Like #Wack'd, but spoilier, and in all-lowercase for some fucking reason
#unaffiliated1[+nrt] My Little Mongolians: Pillaging is Magic | Magic Gear Solid | CAPITALISM, HO! | <Anaz> TODAY I WILL EAT GOD | nyoro~n | ( >._.)> <('-'<) | HEY REV! YOU JUST LOST THE GAME!
#bs12rt2[+nrt] Next session: Monday 23rd 2300 utc Piratepad: Roll20 link:
#tvbofh1[+nrt] No fresh news
#MMXNewheroes1[+nrt] Once a room used for RPing MMX, now nothing goes on here. Maybe one day something will happen again.
#merrymabari2[+nrt] OOC - General Chat | Group : | IC Tavern : #NSFWMabari
#AldenOOC7[+nrt] OOC Channel for #Alden Lemme tell you a little bit about indus river valley civili--no RULES: Note: It's been way more than one week since Ian changed this part of the splash text.
#DC_OOC4[+nrt] OOC channel for #Dunnotar_Castle
#OC_Ops6[+nrt] Op channel for #Ossory_Caislean and #Ossory_Cumaisc ALL Ops need to be present here while online. Much love! If you were not asked to come, please leave and PM one of the OPs. If you were asked to come here *put in spooky music here*
#spiritscience2[+nrt] Other Places:
#Belltree3[+nrt] OUTER HAVEN | TALK SHIT GET HIT |
#Millakamrath2[+nrt] Pathfinder Tuesdays @ 7 pm Central. (Looking for players for a D&D 5e/Next game)
#foxyfun1[+nrt] Pending a desert base out of place with the times...
#altfaiths2[+nrt] PM MissSugar if you miss Spiritsong and Widdershins
#ponymagic5[+nrt] Pony magic is always on topic here! \ List of Pony Tabletop RPGs -
#Nanomachsson1[+nrt] Porn and Shit Talk. Step right up.
#vm_ooc5[+nrt] Pray for an end to the deception.
#DM*Avan'sDesigns1[+nrt] Private room, if you have not been invited then do NOT enter.
#Temple^Altar1[+nrt] Private room, if you have not been invited then do NOT enter.
#Sussex*Guesthouse1[+nrt] Private room, if you have not been invited then do NOT enter.
#DM*CrimsonMoon1[+nrt] Private room, if you have not been invited then do NOT enter.
#boringville10[+nrt] Qill: i remember everything <Euvius> i fall in love with dudes | <Euvius> i am getting my shit together || Euvius: i guess i have a mental disorder || <Euvius> if i marry someone
#edosbbs2[+nrt] QOTD: In recognition of your overwhelming victory, lets call it a draw!
#rotmg.trading1[+nrt] Realm Of The Mad God Trading Channel
#lawndale1[+nrt] RIP June Foray. Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris, Natasha, Mr. Peabody, Sherman, the Looney Tunes and Talky Tina all salute you. :-(
#mendo2[+nrt] Room to reach me...
#totallynotmadoka3[+nrt] S3 Pitch Doc:
#Strain4[+nrt] Schedule: Tuesdays at ~7:00PM EDT. Map may exist, one day. Roll format is "/msg NanoTrasen_Inc !roll@FurlucisGM 3d6" What will we do about the one who isn't dead?
#ScionRPG3[+nrt] Scion - Generation S at 1900 EST Tuesdays. Character sheets and Back Issues can be found at . Most Recent Issue: #089 - In the Face of Fate - Word Count: 8789. Recent PAs and Stories: None.
#sigil1[+nrt] See or
#GalacticShipping24[+nrt] SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY... Ship's Manifest:
#sozphobie4[+nrt] Selbsthilfe Soziale Phobie und Schchternheit. - Das Forum ist unter erreichbar
#The_legacy1[+nrt] Semi Free Form Roleplaying - Fantasy Steampunk - From the ashes of the Imperial Republic of Laspas rises a new era - Laspas 2nd edition - OOC to #laspasOOC
#frozentime1[+nrt] Setting: | I think I'm going to go on official hiatus. I know what I want to do, but I just don't have the energy for it.
#planescape2[+nrt] Sigil City of Doors - | For update/download issues, see here:
#MonsterMash12[+nrt] SKILL SETS MOTHERFUCKER. For information regarding the Monster Mash Pathfinder game, type !MonsterMash . For information about the Legend of Zelda custom system game, type !LoZTRI . To make Gradius go on a tangent about either, just mention them in passing.
#Starbound4[+nrt] Starbound Universe Season 3: Deep Space Mine | Ask Op for IP | Mod Pack S3, 5/20/2015: | Rules: No griefing, RP server. | A whole new world, a dazzling place I never knew. But when I'm way out here, it's crystal clear, that now I'm in a whole new world with you.
#adultHypnoticWishes11[+nrt] Strictly 18+! Welcome to Wonderland, where the girls are girls & bois will be too. Feminization/Hypnosis room. TRANCE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Highly addictive...You've been warned. Ops are not an on-demand service. PM MindMelt, !trance for list. Do NOT PM anyone else without their permission.
#ensprungen2[+nrt] Super Flying Roleplaying Channel for Tsuusan Muchitsujo - ooc is #Tsuusan
#gaycafe27[+nrt] Support for gay/trans/intersex/lesbian/bi/cd/tv/tg/ts/asexual/ambisexual/omnisexual/pansexual/two-spirited/questioning/queer-friendly - a place where you can explore your gender and/or sexuality without having to defend or justify it! :) Under 18s welcome too. Shoes optional. No ERP please | <Moose-> Shoved it right in before he had a chance to know it.
#SuperheroGame21[+nrt] Team points: 7 | Dice room: | Minotaur sheet: | Odette sheet: | Robin sheet: | Armadilla:
#tlb2[+nrt] test
#elif4[+nrt] testing 1..2...3
#ShrinkingWomen22[+nrt] Testing channel for #ShrinkingWomen - You are welcome to test things here or have a semi-private RP here to avoid disrupting the main channel, but do not linger here without purpose. Scripts secretly executed here might now be redesigned to randomly backfire on you in the main room.
#dirtydozen2[+nrt] The bar in the middle of nowhere, Arizona. Remodeling in progress. Sign says "Re-opening soon."
#AcrossTheRiage4[+nrt] The Black Riage
#Corner_Clinic1[+nrt] The Corner Clinic: Tucked away on the corner of a quiet residential neighborhood in Cleveland's Little Italy, without so much as a sign to announce its presence or attract attention, little about the outside of the Corner Clinic suggests that it is anything other than an ordinary house.
#Darkmoor's_Arcane_Academy1[+nrt] The grounds and buildings associated with #Darkmoor_Manor for the education and training of residents and students in the Arcane arts'
#inkwell2[+nrt] The Inkwell.. An inky pit of twisted and convoluted thought patterns displayed in text.
#ds_LakeVeiw-BnB4[+nrt] The Lake-View Greens' Bed, Breakfast and Chantry: Classic World of Darkness Channel - providing lodging to Mages, Sorcerers, magic(k)al humans and various non-affiliated beings. Arcane 5+ in effect. Ask in #Ds_Shifters_OOC for details. Not a FFRP room. Drama free
#wotbf6[+nrt] The last remains of the Wheel of Time Book Forum (may Atari rot in hell) || For discussion and socialization
#tli-ops2[+nrt] The leisure lounge and private torture pit of the TLI Ops staff
#Guildhall12[+nrt] The main game room for the pathfinder game #Guildhall. Please join #Guildhall_ooc with any interest or questions!
#nebula2[+nrt] The Milpecking room. Everyone come and peck peck peck at Mil!
#Laspasooc1[+nrt] The OOC Channel for #the_legacy and other laspas 2nd edition channels.
#Guildhall_OOC12[+nrt] The OOC room for the pathfinder game Guildhall. Questions welcome! Come in and say hi :) 18+ please. Rules at:
#arcane_sanctum1[+nrt] The tower sanctuary. 18+ FFRP -
#vsociety18[+nrt] The Veritas Society - Discussing and teaching the metaphysical arts, such as psi, chi, and magic. | Rules: | On-Topic Discussion channel: #vmeta | Practice channel: #vpractice | If you're looking for enterprise data solutions, you've taken a wrong turn. | !help
#wolffriends2[+nrt] The Wolf howls into the night, listening for a response. In the distance an answering Howl: Welcome to the GlacierWinds Clearing!!! Once family, Always Family!!!
#player2player3[+nrt] Theta is back, and he wants to talk about baseball! INSANITY!
#koen1[+nrt] This is a room you may play around with the Koen bot in. Please do no linger in this room when not using the bot.
#DSS_Wyrmfoe1[+nrt] This is an office that has a desk, and three chairs sitting around the desk, one chair behind the desk. A small tv and computer set up. Theres also a small coutch agiesnt the wall. A few book shelfs and Maps lineing the walls of diffrent areas around town.
#animeinspace1[+nrt] This is the channel where we are anime in SPACE without the anime but maybe a little anime. | | What's a good time for you three? | Lets see if we can get this started before July
#Constance2[+nrt] Through time, we are born anew.
#cctest2[+nrt] To enable botserv: register your channel then assign a bot using botserv, set fantasy mode on, then tell gameserv to not ignore your channel.
#optional_onion_rp1[+nrt] Today: ♥ Goat mum best mum | Make a roll20 account, please
#cartoonnetwork4[+nrt] Topic
#pof1[+nrt] Topic voor Phrea (Old times sake)
#Muchitsujo5[+nrt] Tsuusan Muchitsujo - Role Playing Channel - Dreams of friends allow closeness of each. - You must be in channel #tsuusan to participate here
#tsuusan6[+nrt] Tsuusan Muchitsujo - RolePlaying Land - Made by a Fox and her friends. - - The Summer Festival goes on! - 7/24-7/30 - Happy Birfday Jaggypaws!
#mentalshift2[+nrt] Tsuusan Muchitsujo Moderation Courtrooms
#crypt2[+nrt] TURN DOWN FOR WATnet (status: online)
#finalfantasyforever2[+nrt] type Tak to get my attention
#UndertaleHistoria5[+nrt] Undertale Research, Analysis, Theorycrafting, and General Discussion. | We idle a lot, but stick around for a while and we'll get back to you when we can! | Check out Tidazi's latest theory writeup!
#Raynnverse4[+nrt] Vampire ~ Book 1 ~ 3.09 ~ Chapter 35 ~ Summer Falls ; Needed [Grace + Alise + Natascha] ; Finished [Vinyl] | We're Moving to Discord! - kpenguin
#techheadrpg2[+nrt] VikingGURPS! We're on a boat!
#EXCEED3[+nrt] Vindication at last!
#catahya3[+nrt] Välkommen till #catahya. Catahya är för alla som gillar fantastik, dvs. fantasy, science fiction och övernaturlig skräck. Besök oss gärna på | Vi firar 15 år i år!
#forest1[+nrt] Walk softly and carry a big stick.
#910minecraft1[+nrt] want to join a vanilla 1.8.1 server join us at
#isharia-mound2[+nrt] We have a server with Time4VPS! Contact Maestro Ayyub for details about The Cyber.
#DruidsPack3[+nrt] We may be dormant but we are never dead.... -=The night is wet and dreary=-
#deoan3[+nrt] wedding pics at :D | Congrats you two, seriously. :)
#hannah6[+nrt] Welcome at Hannah's! Also see: | | I have no words. RIP FurrySaint.
#citizen1[+nrt] Welcome Citizens of
#whitechat2[+nrt] Welcome Home Erin! | Bubble wrap rules. Pop! Pop!
#trinityMUGEN11[+nrt] Welcome to #AntMusic | "how is there no such thing as Jon Talbain in a bikini fanart" - Arpa, 2017 | [20:07] <OrochiGill> Temptest 2000 and Breakout 2000 are cool
#DragonQuest-RPG1[+nrt] Welcome to #DragonQuest-RPG! | Our webpage is at: It's there for a reason, use it, read it, ask questions, and be polite and conscious. Say hi, too! | Website's undergoing revisions! | Day 37, Before Dawn. Victory, and now some well-earned rest!
#fanfics7[+nrt] Welcome to #fanfics. We do write fanfics, really. Sometimes. | Sometimes we even finish them
#green1[+nrt] Welcome to #green, the unofficial channel of's Green Ajah! | Happy Shaoman!
#occult5[+nrt] Welcome to #michigan, a room for those of varying beliefs to chill. be respectful and hail lord satan.
#piiym1[+nrt] Welcome to #PIIYM | <Kamekaze> <Kamekaze> someone save this for ayaka
#wheel13[+nrt] Welcome to #Wheel! | Guidelines: | NEW FORUMS ARE UP |2017 Blood Drive! | Congratulations to Ninya & Anigrel, bonded in the Light to battle the Shadow! | Congratulations to Erin Sedai of the White Ajah & Satrim Sedai of the Red Ajah! | Congrats to our new Green HoA, Faeril! | Congrats to Novices Cynayne, Martinis, Fern and Katrie!!!!! | RIP Reianna al'Namere |
#Pokemon_RPG4[+nrt] Welcome to a freeform RPG with authentic Pokémon combat! We're out of business, coz there wasn't any zeal left. | <SNES> I hope S&M are more difficult.
#alfa-players3[+nrt] Welcome to A Land Far Away |
#Alden6[+nrt] Welcome to Alden! #aldenprivateroom for the private room WARNING: THE PRIVATE ROOM CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL #Aldenooc for the OOC channel Rulebook for Alden and its sister planet Chorrus: Join us on Discord! WARNING: DIGI AND DEMON TYPE THE WRONG ALIAS AND POST IN THE WRONG CHANNEL PRETTY MUCH ALL THE TIME!
#CanterlotHigh2[+nrt] Welcome to Canterlot High! | Setting, rules, and characters:
#conv-o-rama2[+nrt] Welcome to conv-o-rama: a celebration of minutiae. | Migratory animals living under changing weather.
#femvsfem9[+nrt] Welcome to FemvsFem! Home of wrestling, catfighting, and other fun! - You must be 18 or older to play here.
#Hentai-RPG3[+nrt] Welcome to Hentai-RPG! | | Welcome home Mike!!! | All is not well at the mansion! Yatena is a normal person, and Sera has returned declaring war on the mansion! whats next? come find out!
#neowynd_ic1[+nrt] Welcome to Neowynd a Sci-Fi rp set on the planet soliana
#SuccubusOOC50[+nrt] Welcome to Succubus! |18+ Only| OOC channel for #Succubus | Updated Rules & FAQ | Overflow IC: #SuccubusExtra #SuccubusExcess | Affiliates: #TemporalManor [World Exploration], #eternalfantasy [EnkerMUD], #inkwell | Any and all postings of underage characters (including descriptions or pictures) will result in a kick.
#WanderingStar4[+nrt] Welcome to the Wandering Star Online IRC - - A Brave New Beginning for Wandering Stars
#argentgarden6[+nrt] Welcome to the Argent Garden! A social hub for friends, fans, and kindred spirits of the Madam Kistulot and her writing.
#adf1[+nrt] Welcome to the chat for Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). Find out more about us at
#Wyrden4[+nrt] Welcome to the Chronicles of Wyrden webcomic chat channel -
#hentai-rpg21[+nrt] Welcome to the future of Hentai-RPG! | RPG format changing! Now a true dark future, where Soku's forces have conquered Japan and now the entire country is under his rule! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?! | Meanwhile... Rilla takes a nap! See the intense snoozing action!
#GamingGuardians11[+nrt] Welcome to the Gaming Guardians! | #GGLounge #GGLounge1 - #GGLounge5 #GGArena #Gutter #GGVent #GGLounge3.5 | LJ: Forums: Yes:
#infinitas12[+nrt] Welcome to the in-character channel for Infinitas, a free form roleplay channel run by Eli and created by Arsenic. If you want to talk and don't have a character, drop by our OOC channel, #infinitasOOC .
#DDOwiki2[+nrt] Welcome to the IRC channel for - This channel isn't visited often, so please mention someone if you need assistance or find someone in #DDO to help. Tuesday @ 8AM Eastern - DDOwiki talk with T13 (ShoeMaker) on :playlist: :discord:
#succubus45[+nrt] Welcome to the Manor, a chateau with a large number of rooms, a spacious main atrium with kitchens to one side and public baths to the other. | 18+ Freeform Roleplaying | OOC Channel: #SuccubusOOC | Rules & FAQ: | "cEzLYI quga, cEzLYI shefra!"
#dm3[+nrt] Welcome to the official channel for Dai M'hael of Tar Valon! | Congrats Brandon & Roh on your bonding | Welcome, Aspirant Thaumiel! And a continuous welcome to Qamra
#infinitasooc14[+nrt] Welcome to the OOC channel for Infinitas. -=- Forums: -=- Wiki: -=- IC Weather: -=- IC Maps: | Silsbury Island | Celestial Conjunction Plot is concluded. Ask Thuban if long term aftereffects are desired. Last Updated July 11th, 2017
#polaris9[+nrt] Welcome to the Polaris community's IRC. || Server: byond:// or byond:// or byond:// or byond:// || Forums: || Source Code (GitHub):
#theonyxpath11[+nrt] Welcome to the unofficial IRC channel of White Wolf and Onyx Path Publishing tabletop roleplaying games!
#vmeta4[+nrt] Welcome to the Veritas Society on-topic discussion channel. | Also see our practice room in #VPractice | Feel free to start a discussion about one of the website topics. | Dynamic Psi Mentors: |
#ponythread6[+nrt] Welcome to tonberrian Chase IRC! Please read the rules before chasing tonberrian | Please keep spoilers about new tonberrian hunts to #newponyepisode and yet to be held tonberrian hunts to #spoilersaremagic
#♅1[+nrt] Welcome to Uranus.
#WoP-OOC6[+nrt] Welcome to WoP-OOC, please visit to register! Our IC rooms are #World-of-porncraft and #WOP-Wilderness and for Northrend RP: #WOP-Northrend New project, REVIVE VICTORIANA AND STAR WARS! Join #victoriana-ooc and #PS-ooc !
#DeApen6[+nrt] Welkom bij DeApen, doe jij het licht uit, Japio?
#Pointofknowreturn_pub1[+nrt] What would you do/ if I sang out of tune/ would you stand up and walk out on me?/ lend my your ear, and Ill sing you a song/ and I'll try not to sing outta key..
#spork8[+nrt] winner
#Shire2[+nrt] Wisdom for dogs: You never really know someone until you have smelled their butt.
#toadwater8[+nrt] Woo. || Toadwater: politics-free since October 11, 2011
#adminajah1[+nrt] WOOO MEEETTING TODAY
#aesir1[+nrt] Worldbuilding talk channel | Offtopic talk here: #Aesir-offtopic | Read the rules:
#jau2[+nrt] Worldbuilding talk channel: #Aesir | Rules: No spam.
#morelia4[+nrt] Would you be willing to believe the truth even if it meant you could never really feel happy and safe again? Even if everybody else seemed to believe a more convenient story? What if most people ignored the truth because it was the only way to be happy? What if that was so normal that anybody who suggested
#rotmg.backroom2[+nrt] wow this topic was old
#heresy_nonsense1[+nrt] Yeah, RIP.
#ghastlycomic5[+nrt] Yet another weirdo's birthday... Why's it always June?
#starbread1[+nrt] You're okay: | The Finer Things Club | | SC DROPS: toopkek
#rpcrest2[+nrt] z
#fantasynations6[+nrt] “From now on, I will give review work for the subject of mathematics under the curriculum of a remote education university for exploration agents of the 27th bureau.”
#hottub2[+nrt] ◕ ◡ ◕ ◕ ◡ ◕ ◕ ◡ ◕ | This room has nothing to do with anything. | A duck with a ribbon on it. | ◉╭╮◉ ◉╭╮◉ ◉╭╮◉ | Tits or GTFO
#Axis_OOC15[+nrt] @ Unified RP OOC Channel, saving space and sharing players! Current Channels: #City_of_Sunshine #MonsterMash NOBODY'S GAY FOR MOLEMAN @ Upcoming events: Conspiracy, Pigs, Stars & Stripes
#yonaguni7[+nt] Welcome to the Europa Station 13 IRC | Github: | Forums: | Server: byond:// | Minecraft! | Discord chat:
#Columbia5[+nt] Columbia expansion pack for Dimensional War RPG - Current Location: Garden of New Eden
#NormandySR-23[+nt] Future Site of the Mass Effect RPG RP-Room
#APX_Arena3[+nt] Welcome to the Arena. || [ OoC: #Apex_OOC ; Dice: #APX_Dice ]
#FFS5[+nt] Discussing all things relating to the FFSRP. Off-topic banter A-OK. The wiki (under construction) is located at .
#crossroads9[+nt] General Purpose RPG room for, The Peeps. Room rating: OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS SON. Rules by the Day: Fan-Service Fridays
#heaven4[+nt] (Minecraft) :: (Mumble)
#pixelation5[+nt] | | RIP, PT. | RIP, entivore. | Grab your gifts:
#cyberlancers3[+nt] Intro: - Map: [STILL WIP] - Silly cyberpunk GURPS - Sundays @ 2300 UTC
#rotmg.events2[+Rnrt] Do you want to share rotmg events with others? You are 3 years late.
#Elliquiy14[+Snrt] 18+ Alternate IP: Elliquiy Adult Role Playing - The random PG-13 chat channel. If you're a member but not on the voiced list, ask any op on duty.
#bs12staff8[+Snrt] Admin & mod only discussion channel | Administrator & mod rules:| Staff precedents and guidelines: || Next staff meeting:


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